June 18, 2020 daigo

iFootage MINICRANE M1-II Jib


Manufactured in carbon fibre and aluminium, incredibly lightweight, robust, corrosion proof and heat-resistant,  this prize winning crane features both manual and fixed-angle tilt control, is quick and easy to set up, pack away and transport. Ideal for studio or location use.


1 x Minicrane
1 x Centre mount camera platform
1 x Carry case with handles
1 x ¼ to ⅜ adapter


Materials: x6 layers carbon fiber and anodised aluminium
Weight: 1.52kg
Max load: 5kg
Tube diameter: 30mm
Extended length: 2000mm
Folded length: 750mm
Max radius: 1200mm
Tilt length: 2100mm


Carbon fiber layering ensures weight is reduced dramatically to just 1.52kg

Highest weight capacity of similar sized jibs (an enviable 5kg)

Easy to transport and setup

Centre-mounted camera platform adds improved stability and functionality

Removable, adjustable sliding weight bar allows fine-tuning control

Features manual and fixed-angle tilt control,

Versatile mount allows for extra accessories to be attached

Useful removable counterweight hook included

Suitable for all locations and weather conditions