A New Kind of Studio Reimagined.

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A New Kind of Studio
Reimagined with
Cyc Wall., Video Studio., Photography Studio., Sound Booth., Control Room., Shared Office., HMU Station., Cool Kids.

Browse for your imagination in most need.



A Next-gen creative studio suite that links your creative needs.

The creative process is always uncertain for everyone.

To successfully float a creative boat, it takes a certain steering skillset and an environment.

CYK Studios might be your missing link to break the barrier of creativity and beyond.

This is the next-gen creative studio suite that links your creative needs.

Green-screen ready, well equipped white cyc studio is ideal for video interviews, e-learning, YouTube videos, and photography. Stands and lighting equipment are free of charge with the studio rental. Sound Design studio can also be used for audio post, sound design, remote orchestra recording as well as control room for the cyc and so much more.

We at CYK Studios always try to create a production-friendly environment that maximizes client’s creativity. It covers a wide range of production formats from production, post-production, music production and audio post with a control room all included all in an easy-to-use, med-sized facility.​ ​


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Access to CYK Studios

Studio Information

Address 5-13-6 Honcho, Chatelet Nakano Shimbashi B1 Nakano-ku, Tokyo Japan 164-0012​ ​
TEL +81-3-6877-2782
business hours Open 24/7
Payment Credit Card only (VISA, Master, Amex)
Please visit CYK Studios Terms and conditions for more infomation.

Customers arriving by train

3 minutes walk from “Nakano Shimbashi” Station on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Customers arriving by car

No parking available

Please use a nearby parking lot.



シャトレ中野新橋 B1


+81 (0)3 6877 2782

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