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Standard Lighting Plan


~¥1,000 /h (excl. tax)


Standard Lighting Equipment

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Rent-all Plan


~¥3,500 /h (excl. tax)


Rent-all Equipment

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Backdrops & Background Paper


¥4,000~/day (excl. tax)



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Meet VL Flock Sheet's twin brother, "IR Flock Sheet"

The near-infrared sensing market has seen a remarkable increase in demand in recent years, including proximity sensors for automated driving and face recognition for smartphones. The IR Flock Sheet was developed as a material to prevent near-infrared reflection and stray light, which is necessary in this development field. By binding carbon atoms into the flocked pile, we succeeded in achieving a high light absorption performance not only in the visible light region, but also in the near infrared region.
※ When viewed by the naked eye, each person's perception towards "blackness" may differ            depending on the lighting environment.
The graph above shows the total reflectance values ranging from visible light to the near-infrared range of 2500 nm. Our IR Flock Sheet achieves a total reflectance rate of 0.5% or less in the visible to near-infrared range, which is superior to our Fineshut KIWAMI material.   To take advantage of its excellent near-infrared light absorption property, we propose the following applications:
  • Dark curtain material for near-infrared non-reflective darkroom
  • Background curtain for near-infrared photography
  • Pseudo-infrared calibration of near-infrared sensor
  • Masking of unwanted objects in the proximity sensor test environment
  • Anti-reflection measures during near-infrared motion capture
Similarly to our VL Flock Sheet, as a drawback of the flocking process, little bits of dust may be generated due to fiber loss, so please be careful when applying it somewhere where cleanliness is a top priority or in internal parts of precision equipment.

Product Specifications

Our IR Flock Sheet is a rayon-base fabric that has been electrostatically flocked with a rayon pile. It can be used as a cloth to cover objects, or as a curtain by sewing it into a curtain shape and then hanging it.   Composition ・Rayon base fabric / rayon pile Thickness ・0.9mm ± 0.2mm Standard Size ・950mm x 400mm ・950mm x 20m (Max Size) ・Can be cut and sold in 950mm x meter increments
※There is an area of about 20mm on the corners that are non-flocked and has punch holes. This area is excluded from the effective length of the 950mm measurement. ※In the case of wrinkles or creases, applying steam from an iron WITHOUT directly touching the material may improve its condition.

Custom Cut Services Available

Custom cuts can be made by laser or by punch press machine. In addition, we can accept parts and provide cut designing, processing, and pasting services.   Glue application services are also available.   For pricing, please refer to the following laser-cut cost calculation sheet.
Meet VL Flock Sheet's twin brother, "IR Flock Sheet" The near-infrared sensing market has seen a remar Read More

How to use the Pholsy Universal Wireless Flash Trigger






If you do not have a flash trigger when using any studio lights, we recommend using a wireless trigger.

Please ask our staff if you wish to use this device.


  1. Pholsyトランスミッターをカメラのホットシューマウントにスライドさせます。
  2. ロックリングをきつくなるまで回してください。
  3. カメラ、トランスミッターの順に電源を入れ、撮影モードをマニュアルに設定します。
  4. トランスミッターがチャンネル1であることを確認します。


  1. すべての照明がチャンネル1にあることを確認してください。
  2. 次に、どのライトをメインまたは「マスター」ライトにするかを決定する必要があります。
  3. 次に、S1/S2 ボタンを1回押して、他のライトを「スレーブ」モードに設定します。(これは、選択した「マスター」ライトのタイミングに合わせて消灯することを意味します)。
  4. 3.5mmミニジャックを受信機のFLASHポートに接続し、オンになっていることを確認します。
  5. ミニジャックのもう一方の端を、「マスター」ライトの背面にあるSYNCポートに接続します。*接続したまま、受信機を背面からぶら下げることができます。





Setup the camera with Pholsy Transmitter

  1. Slide the Pholsy transmitter into the camera’s hot shoe mount.
  2. Turn the locking ring until tight.
  3. Turn on the camera, then transmitter; set the shooting mode to Manual.
  4. Confirm that the transmitter is on Channel 1.

Setup the studio lights with Pholsy Transmitter

  1. Make sure that all lights are on Channel 1.
  2. Next you need to decide which will be the main or “master” light.
  3. Then set the other lights to “slave” mode by pressing the S1/S2 button once. (This means they will go off to the timing of the “master” light you selected.)
  4. Connect the 3.5 mm mini-jack into the FLASH port on the receiver and make sure it is on.
  5. Connect the other end of the mini-jack into the SYNC port on the back of the “master” light. *You can just let the receiver hang off the back while it’s connected.

[Keep in mind] If it’s not going in the port, you may be using the wrong cable. Check the pouch, it should be there. If not, please ask one of the staff.

Test the setup

After you’ve completed both steps, go back to your camera and hit the TEST button on the transmitter. All lights should go off at the same time. Then you should be able to use the camera like normal.

If you’ve completed all the steps above, and the lights are still not going off together, please ask one of our staff for further assistance.

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