January 21, 2022 daigo

Angenieux 12-120mm F/2.2 zoom lens with CAMEFLEX-MFT adapter (36-360mm equivalent)


Here is a nice Angenieux 12-120mm f2.2 zoom lens. This lens revolutionized 16mm filmmaking as we know it. Compact and powerful lens used for 40+ years to achieve a crisp picture for film and TV. Is this as good as modern glass? No. But it has character and thats worth more than gold. This won't blow you away with resolution, but resolution isnt everything. These lenses make pretty pictures...period. This is a 10x12A type, used for ENG cameras. The mount requires a C-Cup adapter to make this a C-mount lens. I've also seen some people removed the "dog leg" and adapt this to PL mount with some custom machine work. With modern zooms costing thousands of dollars, this is a nice option.Great for 4/3 sensors and BMCC-type 4k/2k capture. When the Digital Bolex comes out, these will go WAY up in value. Get one now while the market is still soft. The glass on this is VERY nice. Light cleaning marks and some VERY light internal dust (typical with a 50+ year old lens).Mechanics are smooth. Aperture is smooth. Focus is smooth. Very nice specimen.